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Chapel Hill Dress Code

Students are to dress appropriately for school – no midriff-baring shirts, tank tops with spaghetti straps or shirts with inappropriate language, no bare backs, and shorts and skirts are to be of an appropriate length (mid-thigh). Appropriate footwear such as running shoes or summer shoes with straps are better alternatives to flip flops.  Flip flop sandals cannot be worn when playing on the play structures and can be unsafe when running in the school yard.


If your child will unexpectedly not be attending school for any reason, please call the school at 613-837-3773.  If you happen to know in advance that your child will be absent or leaving early for any reason, please send a notice, in advance, to the classroom teacher. During school hours parents are to collect/drop off their child at the front office and sign them in/out.  Students arriving after 9:15 and after 1:00 P.M. will be marked as late. All students arriving after the 9:15 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. bell must be signed in by a parent at the office.


Chapel Hill School continues to have a high number of children with severe life threatening food allergy to peanuts, nuts, shellfish (anaphylaxis) and other food sensitivities . This is a medical condition that causes a severe reaction to specific foods and can result in death within seconds. Although this may or may not directly affect your child’s class, we ask that you choose to send snacks to school that do not contain peanut/nut products or shellfish. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 


Student birthdays and other special events are highlighted in many ways at school.  Due to the increasing number of students with multiple allergies and the risk of cross contamination, Chapel Hill School doesn’t not allow food treats to be brought into the school to share with other students.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


According to School Board Policy, medication can be given to students only if parents have followed Board procedures and have completed the Board approved forms. These forms may be obtained at the school or on this webpage (under forms) and must be renewed each September.  Any change in dosage will not be accepted without prior notification by parents and updated Request and Consent for Admission of Medication form from the parents and physician.  It is against Board policy for the school to give any child routine medication on a short-term basis, e.g. aspirin or antibiotics.  All medication must be in its original bottle.


All visitors, volunteers, and parents are to enter the school through the front door, check in with the office administrator, sign in and wear a visitor badge while on school property. 

Parents are to inform the school in writing of any changes in their child’s regular routine (someone else picking them up, early dismissal, not returning home on the bus, etc.). Any regular bus student will be sent home on the bus unless we have been advised otherwise in writing.  Upon arriving to pick up a child, an adult must report to the office and sign the student out.

Parents are reminded that unless they are volunteering in a class, adults are not permitted access to classes during instructional time. If a parent wishes to speak to a teacher an appointment should be made. Prior to school, teachers are readying their classrooms for the children, and instructional time should not be interrupted for a conversation as students are left unattended. 


Punctuality is a positive habit we want to instill and we strongly encourage parents to ensure that their children are in the schoolyard between 9:00am-9:15am. Outside supervision is provided from 9:00am to 9:15am. 


Chapel Hill staff and students continue to focus on no-bullying initiatives in our school.  It is our intent to teach everyone in the school how to deal with bullying – to help ensure that our school is a safe place for all students.  Any form of physical, social or emotional bullying shall not be tolerated.  As a result, students will receive an appropriate consequence if they engage in these types of bullying behaviour.  The staff of Chapel Hill Catholic School remains committed to the enforcement of School Board policy on antiracism and ethno cultural equity.  As such, incidents of expressed bias, discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated and will be dealt with expeditiously by school administration.  We appreciate your support in helping us create a bully-free environment where students feel safe being at school.  

Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools Code of Conduct - OCSB


All students riding their bicycles to school must wear a helmet. Locks must be used when the bicycles are placed in the appropriate stands. All students must walk their bicycles on school property.  We cannot be responsible for damage to bicycles.


Many of our students ride the school buses provided to our school through OSTA, the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority, (613-224-8800 and There are several ways in which you can stay on top of bus cancellations.

SUBSCRIBE: Subscribe to OSTA’s mailing list to receive email notifications of transportation cancellations right to your handheld device or personal computer.

WATCH: Watch OSTA’s website after 6:15 am to see if a cancellation has been posted to their Transportation Monitor or if there will be significant delays in service.

LISTEN: Listen to the radio after 6:15 am for announcements which are repeated at least twice per hour. Stations such as 580 CFRA FM, Hot 89.9 FM, Majic 100.3 FM and 1310 AM.

FOLLOW: Follow OSTA on Twitter @OttSchoolBus or follow the OCSB @OttCatholicSB

STUDENT DROP OFF: Parents dropping off their children are reminded that there is no supervision before 9:00 am, so there is no early entry into the school.

STUDENT PICK UP: All students who take the bus (not EDP students or those who get picked up or walk home on their own) must be picked up at the front office by 3:45. These students will be dismissed from the front office and must be accompanied by an adult. EDP students and those who regularly walk home on their own or are picked up will be dismissed as usual to EDP or via the side door off the parking lot.

CALL IN YOUR CHILD'S ABSENCE: please call the school to report your child's absence on a snow day, whether they take the bus or not. We want to ensure your child’s safety.


The staff of Chapel Hill School continues to be committed to the safety of our children both in the school and outside in our playground. With snow comes the inevitable snowballs/ice chunks that can potentially inflict serious injury to students. Our school has a snowball/ice policy, which was enforced with the first snowfall. As outlined to the children, the policy will be as follows: First incident: 1 day of supervised indoor recesses, parents informed; Second incident: 3 days of supervised indoor recesses, parents informed; Third incident: one week of supervised indoor recesses, parents informed; Fourth incident: consequence to be determined after an interview with the student and his/her parents and the principal. This policy will be reviewed with the students on a regular basis as we feel that the establishment of a clear policy will help the students understand the serious nature of a snowball/ice chunk throwing incidents.

CHAPEL HILL EVACUATION SITE :  Forest Valley Elementary School

In order to always ensure the safety of your child(ren), it may become necessary to evacuate the school. Our evacuation site is Forest Valley Elementary School. Parents will be notified if the Director of Education decides the school is to be closed for the day


Student have the privilege of borrowing books from the Learning Commons.  We encourage care and respect for these books.  Loss or damage of a library book is the student's responsibility.  Students may borrow English and French books for a one-week period. Students with overdue books will be notified at certain points during the school year. There is replacement cost for a lost or damaged book. 


Please be aware that the bus lane is CLOSED between 9:00am-9:20am and between 3:35pm-4:00pm.  If you are parked in the staff parking in the bus lane, you must wait until the buses have left the school property.  Thank you for your assistance in keeping our students safe.


Students are strongly encouraged to keep their toys and trading cards at home.  Should they wish to bring them to school, the school is not responsible for any lost or broken items. Should a dispute happen between students, the toys/trading cards will be removed for the remainder of the day and should not be brought back to school. Students are encouraged to bring nerf type footballs, frisbees, soccer balls, tennis balls, etc - should they wish to.